IPSC Range

What’s happening?
The lower handgun ranges – IPSC, Plinking Bay, and Commercial are CLOSED effective Saturday Oct 6, 2018. Today Oct 5 is the last day for shooting on these ranges.
As part of the long-term solution to our noise and legal issues, the Club has constructed new facilities on our upper ranges for all handgun users. We are waiting for the final certification documents from the Chief Firearms Officer. The Club has committed to closing these lower handgun ranges by Oct 6. We hoped to have the new handgun ranges available for use at the same time; unfortunately we are not in control of the bureaucratic process.
Who is affected?
All handgun users – IPSC, Plinking Bay, and Commercial users
What’s next?
On an interim basis, we are preparing for indoor handgun sessions, while we await the final certification documents. Details on indoor handgun shooting hours will be communicated in the next week. As soon as we receive the approval certificates for the new ranges, we will open them for Member use.
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.
KDFGC Board of Directors